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The Ash Groove (not a spelling mistake!) was inspired by both the traditional Welsh folk song ‘The Ash Grove’ and a visit to Cardiff for a Flute Day in November 2008, where it was first played. The well-known melody is heard in its’ traditional form at the start of this piece.  However, shortly afterwards, this groovy version begins to live up to its’ name, by introducing funky African and swing rhythms, which lead the lyrical line and harmonies to depart from expectations. After several time and key signatures changes the pieces arrives at its’ lively conclusion, which draws together all the styles. The Ash Groove is a true ensemble piece, with inner and bass parts sharing the importance of melodies and riffs with the upper parts.

4-5mins approx

Elementary to intermediate


One score and the following separate parts:

Flute 1

Flute 2

Flute 3

Flute 4

Alto Flute (optional)

Bass Flute (optional)

Bb Clarinet (optional)




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The Ash Groove

by Zoë Booth

for four or more flutes/flute choir

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The Ash Groove


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