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Symondsbury Farewell was originally written as a flute choir piece.  The catchy folk-like melody is richly harmonised, with both flute and piano sharing the melodies and counter-melodies as the piece develops towards its’ heart-warming ending.

4 mins approx

Elementary to intermediate

Symondsbury Farewell for Flute and Piano by Zoë Booth




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Score and separate flute part

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Reviewed by Maggie, adult learner London

I performed this beautiful, lyrical piece at a small concert in August 2015. It is a lovely piece, starting with a short flute solo, with the opening theme then picked up as a solo for the piano. The piece gives the opportunity for both musicians to play a range of dynamics – from pp to ff – and has changes of tempo, which all help to allow both musicians to play expressively and to keep the audience’s attention.

The pianist and I both really enjoyed playing it – and as someone in the audience said later ‘your duet was beautiful’. Whether you are playing for yourself or to an audience, it will be sure to please.

Symondsbury Farewell by Zoë Booth

for five or more flutes and piano



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Symondsbury Farewell


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