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The French composer Saint-Saëns (1835-1921) was greatly admired for his artistic output by well-known composers such as Berlioz and Gounod, and Liszt considered him the world’s greatest organist. ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ was written by in 1886; the fourteen pieces vividly and humorously paint musical pictures, for instance the heavyweight, low melody depicting the elephant, the graceful swan theme over a watery accompaniment, or the springy leaps on the piano which represent the kangaroos. Saint-Saëns has provided plenty of enjoyable melodies to be shared around the flute ensemble in this faithful arrangement of Fossils; whether performing as a quartet or with the addition of piccolo, alto, bass flute and/or clarinet, this piece is a real audience favourite!

3-4 mins approx

Elementary to intermediate


One score and the following separate parts:

Piccolo (optional)

Flute 1

Flute 2

Flute 3

Flute 4

Alto Flute (optional)

Bass Flute (optional)

Bb Clarinet (optional)




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The Elephant by Saint-Saëns

for four or more flutes/flute choir


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Fossils from Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saëns

arranged by Zoë Booth

for four or more flutes/flute choir

The Elephant



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