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Stephen Heller (1813-1888) became so famous for his piano studies that his lieder and his 160 published piano pieces are often forgotten; he was a successful performer, composer and teacher in his lifetime, admired by the great composer-performers of the day. Born in Budapest, Heller undertook his instrumental studies in Vienna; by the age of fifteen he was already making concert tours, and it is at this time that he began to compose.  

Heller’s pieces reflect the influences that surrounded him as he moved gradually westwards throughout his life, depicting the transition between the style of the Romantic period and the ‘modern’ impressionistic style of the French. Curious Story is a delightful piece which moves quickly from the predominant light, expressive tune to occasional, dark moments of tension. Although it can be performed with a minimum of four players, it also makes an excellent showcase for the other members of the flute family.

3-4 mins approx

Elementary to intermediate


One score and the following separate parts:

Piccolo (optional)

Flute 1

Flute 2

Flute 3

Flute 4

Alto Flute (optional)

Bass Flute (optional)

Bb Clarinet (optional)




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Curious Story by Heller,

arranged by Zoë Booth

for four or more flutes/flute choir


Curious Story


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